Intel Omni-Path Edge Switch 100SWE24UF1 24-Port 1-PSU
Intel Omni-Path Edge Switch 100SWE24UF1 24-Port 1-PSU
1 Year - Intel (*)
1U, 1.72" (h) x 17.3" (w) x 17.15" (d)
Data Ports:
24, OPA QSFP28 Ports
Port Speed:
100 Gbps per port bidirectional
.6TB/s (aggregate)
Layer 2
No Module Included
Power Consumption:
179W (Copper) / 264W (All Optical)
* Intel provides 1 year of warranty coverage for all switch models. Switch warranty coverage may be extended beyond 1 year with the purchase of warranty extensions. Switch warranty extensions are sold in 1 or 3 year increments and may be purchased at any time. Certain limitations and rules apply to warranty extensions as follows:

1. Warranty coverage on switch products must be continuous. No coverage gaps may exist. If your switch product warranty has expired, you may purchase an extension that begins on the day following the last warranty coverage to bring your coverage up to date.

2. No Switch product may carry more than 5 years of future warranty coverage at any given time. You may continue to extend warranty coverage until 5 years beyond the product lifecycle provided not more than 5 years of future coverage is held at any one time.
Price: $6,065.00