Custom Industrial Computers with Newest Components
Custom Industrial Rackmounts Using The Latest Components

Consult with GamePC to custom build the best fit computer for your industrial needs
Xeon Scalable C621
Air Cooled
1U 27" Depth
(2) EPYC SoC
Air Cooled
2U 28" Depth
(4) Xeon Scalable C621
Air Cooled
2U 30.7" Depth
Xeon Scalable C621
Air Cooled
4U 21.5" Depth
Core i7 / i9 X299
Water Cooled
4U 17.5" Depth
Xeon W C422
Air Cooled
4U 21.5" Depth

Xeon Scalable 1U w/ Data Center SSDs
Supports Up To 28-Core 205W TDP Xeons
Configurable Up To 3TB DDR4 ECC LRDIMM
Designed for Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Reliable & Power-Dense EPYC 2U
Front-Access 95% Efficient Redundant 1600W PSU (1+1)
Supports 12x SATA 6Gbps Hot-Swap
Intel Quad Port 1GbE Connectivity

Compute Intensive / HPC, Data Center ~ Enterprise Server
Supports Up To 6TB 3DS ECC LRDIMM
Supports 24x 2.5" SAS Hot-Swap (4x NVMe Hybrid)

Quiet Reliable Dual Xeon Triple-GPU-Accelerated 4U
Supports 3x GTX 1070 & 1080 GPUs
System Noise Level w/1250W PSU: 43dBA @ 1 m
System Noise Level w/1400W Redundant PSU: 57 dBA @ 1m

Quiet Pascal VR NVMe SSD 4U Workstation
Designed for High Performance & Stability with Low Operating Noise
Dimensions (HxWxD): 177mm x 430mm x 445mm / 7" x 16.9" x 17.5"
Featuring VR-Ready GTX 1070/1080

Quiet 22" (D) 3-Quadro-Pascal GPU 4U Workstation
Top-Mounted 120mm Fans For Direct Cooling to GPUs
G32/200 Noise Level: 43dBA @ 1 Meter