Fully Custom High Performance Computing Systems
Fully Custom High Performance Computing Systems
(4) GPU / Xeon-W C621
Air Cooled
4U 19" Depth
(4) GPU / EPYC SoC
Air Cooled
1U 35" Depth
(2) Xeon Scalable C621
Air Cooled
4U 26.5" Depth
(8) GPU / (2) Xeon Scalable
Air Cooled
4U 30" Depth
(3) GPU / AMD X570 & X399
Liquid Cooled
Tower 17.3" Height
(5) GPU / (2) Xeon Scalable
Air Cooled
Tower 16.8" Height

Liquid Cooled Xeon 4x RTX 2080/2080 Ti
19" Depth 4U Chassis with Direct Airflow to GPUs
Supports Up to 512GB ECC L/RDIMM

EPYC + Pascal GPU Deep Learning
Supports NVIDIA T4, V100 and AMD Instinct Coprocessor
Intel X550 Dual-Port 10GbE
Efficient 1600W Redundant PSUs

Designed For High Performance GPU Cloud Computing
Up To 56-Cores & 2TB DDR4-2666 3DS LR-ECC
Available PCI-E x8 Slots for Hardware RAID or SFP+ NIC

8-Volta or Pascal GPU Deep Learning 4U Rackmount
Up To 3TB DDR4-2666 LR-ECC & Dual 28-Core CPUs
Compatible with Quadro Pascal P6000, P5000, P4000
Features 2+2 Platinum-Level Redundant 2000W PSUs

Fully Customizable Deep Machine Learning Rig
Supports 4x PCI-E 3.0 x16 with M.2/U.2 Storage
40 Liter Small ATX Tower: 17.83" x 8.54" x 16.10"

Nvidia Tesla Compatible Enclosure, 4U Convertible
Total of 25,600 CUDA & 3,200 TENSOR Cores
Supports Up to 768GB DDR4-2666 REG ECC
80 Plus Platinum Efficient Redundant (1+1) 2000W PSU