Quiet High Performance Computer Workstations
Workstation Quick Compare
GWX-E32 - 20-Core 3.1GHz DDR4-2133
World's Fastest Dual Xeon ECC DRAM Workstation
GWX-E32/300 Scored 33.13 Points in Cinebench CPU Render
System Operational Noise Level is 45 dBA at 1 Meter

GMT-PZ7 - Z97 + i7 4790K @ 4.8GHz
The Fastest 4-Core mini-ITX Portable Workstation
Supports i7 4790K @ 4.8GHz, 16GB 1866 MHz RAM, GTX Titan
Case Measure: 8.7" (W) x 12.6" (H) x 14.8" (D)
Full Load Weight: 16.5 Lbs = 7.5 Kg

Prowess-B10 - Top CPU/GPU Co-Processing
Fastest E5-Xeon + 3 High End GPU Workstation
Features High Efficiency Redundant 1400W PSU
Tested to Operate Below 46 dBA @ 1 Meter

GMT-W7 - 8-Core Xeon V3 C612 3-GPU
Quiet and Compact E5-Xeon V3 3-GPU Workstation
Tested to Operate Below Noise Level of 36dBA @ 1 Meter
Efficient Use of Space with Dimensions W 8.5" x H 16.8" x D 19"

Prowess-SF - 16" Short 4U EATX Dual Xeon
The Most Compact and Powerful Xeon 4U
Dual 92mm Front Fan for GPU Cooling
Ideal for Mobile Rack with E-ATX Support

GWX-G32 - Quiet 4U 22" Fastest E5-Xeon
Fastest 2-SLI E5-Xeon Computing in Quiet 4U 22"
Featuring the Quietest Active Air-Cooler with Efficient 120mm Fans
G32/200 Noise Level is 43 dBA @ 1 m When Running 3DMark11